Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanks for Visiting - We Have Moved!!!

Thanks for visiting Frugal Coupon Living! Be sure to check out the NEW website at http://www.frugalcouponliving.com/. I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FREE Gold Medal - Whole Wheat Cookbook

Get a FREE Whole Wheat Cookbook from Gold Medal Here.

MORE $5/$25 CVS Coupons

It looks like there are THREE Locations where you can print the $5/$25 coupon good at CVS (for taking the flu quiz.) Go Here, Here and Here. See the entired CVS list, or deals for this week Here. Thanks, Money Saving Mom.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hoorray Photos - WOW, 75 FREE Prints!

Hoorray 20% off prints and cards

Hoorray Photos brought it back! Currently new members get 75 FREE 4X6 prints!!!! Wow - that might be the most I have seen from a photo company. Hurry, this offer went quick last time. You can sign up now but you have 60 days to redeem your photo credit. Perhaps you can make grandparents a nice little photo album for the upcoming hoidays. Get started Here.

Snapfish - FREE Prints and FREE Mousepad.

Join Snapfish and get 50 FREE prints and a FREE collage mousepad...hurry, this offer isn't good much longer! Go Here to get started.

Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Get FREE homemade baby food recipes Here.
Thanks, Moms by Heart.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Great Baby Deals

Baby Cheapskate has two great deals today.

1) Baby Robeez shoes are on clearance at Nordstrom for as low as $15.90. This is a pretty good price. Even better you get FREE shipping with code SHOES. Apparently, you will have free shipping on anything, as long as shoes are in your card. The code ends April 13. See the shoes Here.

2) This deal is probably one I should take advantage of since I am expecting baby #2. Get a $300 Esprit Sun Speed Duo Lightweight Double Umbrella Stroller for only $80 Here. This offer appears to be only good for TODAY.

Frugal Coupon Living - NEW SITE!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Reader's Funny Couponing Story

I had to share with you a funny couponing story by one of my readers. This is a frequent commenter I have grown to know (I recognize you folks) and her story makes me chuckle every time I think of it. I thought maybe you guys would enjoy it too.
She wrote how she comes home with various items she does not need due to her new love of couponing. A lot of these cheap to free to moneymaking items she doesn't need so she plans to send some things to Afghanistan and has dropped some items off at her local food pantry. While the promotion was running last week for the Huggies diapers, she decided it would be nice to bring home some diapers since the deal was so amazing. She said she walked in with a bag full of diapers and had some explaining to do (they have a daughter in college.) I could just picture the shock on her husband's face as he asked for an explanation. Anyways, she said the neighbors appreciated the diapers.

IKEA FREE Breakfast

IKEA is doing it again. They are having FREE breakfast Friday, March 20th - Sunday, March 22nd. Click Here to see if your local store is on board.

McAfee Rebate

Amazon and McAfee have teamed up for a great rebate. See the rebate information on the Amazon page. Click below to read more.
Thanks, Moms by Heart.

More Rebates...

Allegra D Here.
Dove Hair Repair Here. This goes great with the CVS and Walgreens deals this week.
$1.50 RP 1/18
$1.50 SS 1/18
Gentle Naturals Product Here.
$3 off 3 Lysol Products Here. Thanks Bargain Briana.
$ printables Here
$ 3/15, 2/8, 2/1, 1/25, 1/4, 11/ 2 SS
X14 Foaming Bath Cleaner Here.

Listen to My US 103.5 Radio Interview

I had fun with my radio buddies at US 103.5 in Tampa this morning. You can listen to the radio interview Here.

Uno Coupon for a Night of Family Fun!

Go Here for a great Uno Chicago Grill Coupon. Get a FREE kids make your own pizza with the purchase of an adult entree. Kids get a FREE apron, thin crust dough, sauce and toppings. Coupon expires 5/31/09. The same link provides national locations.
Doesn't this look like a fun, family night? Enjoy.

Bare Escentuals FREE 10 Day Sample

Get a FREE 10-day sample from Bare Escentuals. You will have to pay shipping costs unless you go to the store. You can read more on this offer Here.


Well if you have an Arby's in your area on your lucking out on some good coupons and thus perhaps some good lunches/dinners. You can get a FREE Arby’s Roastburger with any Pepsi purchase. This coupon expires 3/20. Get the coupon Here.

Redbox Code for 3/16/09

Todays Redbox code is 2GR4N8. You can read more about Redbox Here.

Walgreens / Dove RR /Customer Service Update

Don't forget about the Walgreens / Dove RR deal Here. I mentioned in that post that it might be possible to get back RRs with trial sized items. Today the manager and I gave it a try and it actually does not work on trial sized items. Your best bet it to go with the Dove Beauty Bar soap (which is heavenly.)
Since I mentioned customer service in the previous post and knowing your stores (who likes couponers and who does not) let me tell you about the wonderful customer service experience I had at my local Walgreens today. First, I know this particular Walgreens if friendly and welcomes my coupons. The manager approached me today and asked me if I could give him a heads up of sales (he knows his sales but of what WE are buying) so he can go ahead and stock his shelves. While we were talking I asked him if our coupons upset him and he said no because the manufacturers ARE giving him back the money. He actually helped me check out and we tried the Dove deal, which we both discovered did not work with trial sizes. We continued to talk and I showed him the wonderful thing about stores who welcome couponers...we also buy things that are not matched with coupons. The two examples I showed him were my toilet paper and diapers. He got over $20 from me because I happened to be in this store (due to couponing) so I bought my toilet paper and diapers with him (using no coupons - great Walgreens sales, though.)
So over time, I have come to know those that work in the Walgreens stores and those that appreciate couponing. If your managers/cashiers truly understand the coupon process they will see that it is a win/win for everyone.
The managers win because we go in their store, use our coupons (which the manufacturers repay them for) and we also buy other items while we are in their store.
The manufacturers win because we are trying their products (often new products on the shelves) and are inclined to stay with their brand or stay with their product.
We win because we save money.
The community wins, because we bring home a lot more items for a lot less and are able to give back.

It is a win/win for all!

Lessons from My Personal Shopping Experience

I have received some personal emails about bad shopping experiences and the inconsistency of stores. I want you all to know, it even happens to me.
Today I went to my regular Publix. I have been going to this Publix for 4 years and haven't really had any major problems. While today did not produce a major problem, it did make me feel quite uncomfortable and maybe a little wrong of using coupons (while I know there IS NOTHING wrong with using coupons.)
A very popular cashier, by couponers in my area, proceeded to scan the item, then the coupon. Usually my cashiers scan my coupons at the very end of the transactions (where I kindly have separated them by store coupon, competitor coupon, and MFR coupon.) I had a few moneymakers in my cart which she would not accept and instead changed the valued of the coupon to a lesser number. I am okay breaking even on items and not making money but I know on the store and MFR coupons, Publix IS getting back the full value of the coupon so technically I am the one cheated.
While, when it comes to competitor coupons there is a loss by the store, so that is why I am confused by my experience. Back to the point, she called over the manager who then told her on my 15 $1 off competitor coupons (for items that were only $.79) to take off the full $1 - thus giving me a $.21 MONEYMAKER 15xs. There was even inconsistency in the store! The the manager then whispered something in her ear which made me feel even more uncomfortable.
Lessons from this story and many of my shopping experiences
1) I want you to know that even I have my BAD coupon days where I am made to feel like I am doing something wrong to the store. I know better, though, and go home proud of my savings.
2) People always ask when is the best time to shop. I say go whenever you can because that is the truth. I have learned to go, though, during a busy time because they are eager to get you out of the store and not count your coupons (by the way they didn't take out any of my coupons because I was honest about my entire purchase.) Going during weekday mornings, especially middle of the week, they usually have the shelves restocked and a small crowd. This was the case for me today.
3) We all have those bad experiences. Get to know the stores that work with your coupons (two of the same stores on the street might treat you totally opposite for your coupon use.) Also, get to know the cashiers who are proud of you for saving money and might even want to learn a trick or two. My cashiers know about my deals and my website - no secrets because I want them to save too!
4) Always keep a smile and be kind no matter what! The cashier I dealt with today could have gotten in trouble for accepting bad coupons the day before (who knows?!?)
5) MONEYMAKERS - some allow it to happen others watch you like a hawk. Like I said, there is not a loss for them when it comes to a store or MFR coupon. The ARE getting the money back from the manufacturer. Sometimes, I simply ask them to reduce the coupon so I break even, but in this case, I am the one cheated because they get back the full price.

Your Grocery Store

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