Monday, March 16, 2009

Listen to My US 103.5 Radio Interview

I had fun with my radio buddies at US 103.5 in Tampa this morning. You can listen to the radio interview Here.


frugalmom07 said...


frugalmom07 said...

hi ashley,

I did listen your interview...I saw u in dr. phil I'm glad I watch the show,starting that week i start cutting coupons..ows i save a lot lately.from carters to all coupon oh husband said i am addicted to coupons too..a lot you give us some extra bucks really. I sent your websites to all my friends especially in the church. I lived in thomasvilel ga were pretty much close though.Tallassee is 30 min frm here. I just had a baby and his 9mo old now. I am really frugal before but when I get to know ur site am very frugal now.haha. Thank you so muchfor your time and effort in this site. God is seeing all your deeds and He will bless you abundantly. thanks ashley you are really a blessing to everone here. Im excited for tommorow for your launching. I started to buy newspapers but unfortunately there is no red plum here in thomasville ga newspaper and procter and gamble I wonder If I could buy a national newspaper or talahassee newspaper.what do u think?.well good luck I will wake up early tomorow to see your new site..God bless you more ashely!!!

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

frugalmom07 your newspaper was part of the big pull - red plum pulled their fliers in some areas. will the tall democrat come out to your area, if so, get it. or do you have someone in town who can get it for you each week? red plum will be worth it over time. i would also do a google search about the red plum pull. there are a lot of unhappy mamas out there and i am sure all the voices who write them will matter.