Monday, March 2, 2009

Viewers/ Readers Questions

I am so happy to be helping everyone save no their grocery bills. I wish I could answer all of your questions individually but I think it might be best for me to post a number of your questions in a post so that everyone is able to view the answers.

Where do I get coupons?

They exist folks. There are many places to print/retrieve coupons. 1) You can utilize this resource on my left column where it says print coupons 2) Sunday inserts. Larger cities get better coupons. Small town folks are out of luck. I haven't found a good solution to this. Try a book store to see if they have an edition to a larger city newspaper. If so, see if the inserts are in there (likely not.) 3) Manufacturer websites 4) My website has links 5) Smart Source 6) Eat Better America 7) All You Magazine - you can buy it on my website. I remember when I started couponing I would google to search for coupons. This is a waste of time. Let the coupons come to you. When you search for them, you can find yourself wasting a large amount of time looking for coupons that do not exist.

Isn't Store Brand Cheaper?

Yes, it is but you save more money when you combine sales and manufacturer coupons that the larger brand names put out. When I do not have a coupon or sale and I am REALLY in need of an item, I buy store brands.

Where Can I Find Organic Coupons?

Again, let the coupons come to you. They exist. Manufacturers know that consumers want these coupons. They are producing them. I can tell you, though, that organic coupons are produced much less than processed food. My advice is begin saving on your beauty, cleaning, health, and other items. By saving a lot here, your budget will still drop.

How do I Find Meat and Produce Coupons?

These are few and far in between. These are usually items you find on sale by the stores. Some stores put out coupons like $2 off a $5 purchase.

Organization Questions

I do hole punch my coupons. This has not caused trouble when scanning because I am hole punching the insert not the individual coupon. I do not write what is inside on the front. I just date it. When a shopping list requests me to go to a certain dates insert, I go. I then find the coupon I need. I stay organized by dating them. I have the newest in front, the oldest in the back. By sorting coupons immediately (meaning I cut them as soon as I get them, my accoridan folder becomes too large. I also might neglect a coupon of something I could get FREE later and donate. I do not throw away the coupons of items I don't need. I believe strongly in donating.

How do I make my shopping list?

I highlight the list on my website. I copy it. I paste it into word and then I have my shopping list.

Time, Time, Time - How do I find the time?

It does take time. I would do it when I had someone (my husband) to watch the baby. This works for us on Sunday afternoon of after the babies go to bed. You have to decide is saving is worth your time. It will take more time up front, but in the end you will be moving very fast. The average couponer takes about 45 minutes a week for around 2 stores. It will take some time, but it WILL BE worth it. I promise. Don't drive yourself nuts, though. Do what you can.

Do I need to download software?

You will need to install a couple programs on your website to print coupons. You will soon find out most of the websites use the same software. I have never received a virus from these program. I do weekly/monthly deleate cookies and run a scan for my own computer safety. I trust manufacturer websites (for downloading coupon printers) and

Thanks for all the support and well wishes.


hippiemama said...

Love your blog! I'm going to try it. So how long does it take you to check out at the register? Do you go a certain time of day? I make my own laundry detergent and cloth diaper to save money. And am going to start making my own cleaning supplies... Oh yeah saw you on Dr. Phil! How cool is that!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I was wondering that same thing, how long it takes you to do the grocery shopping and check out?

But you've definitely motivated me to try...I'm already printing we'll see how it goes at the store this weekend.

Nancie said...

It works... With a little bit of searching you too can save big money. This week I went to Giant here in PA and with the coupons I found on-line and with the coupons in my Sunday Paper, I was able to SAVE MORE than I SPENT.
Total BEFORE Savings: 110.30
Total SAVINGS: 60.17
TOTAL AFTER Savings: 50.13

I too, watched Dr. Phill today. I am so excited that Frugal Mom gave some great tips for Organizing.

I also found on-line that APO's take expired coupons for Families to use on Base. So, I send my outdated/expired coupons to APO's and help other families that are serving our Country. Overseas Military Bases allow consumers to use coupons that are expired!

Thanks Ashley......For Your GREAT Tips on Organizing......


savingnewbee said...

how do you actually get coupons most of the websites ask 1 billion questions. I was really tired just trying to register.

Emily said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I can't wait to get started!!!!

Anonymous said...

This system works. When albtersonss was open in my town I would go into the store and have a $500 grocery bill and walk out paying $10-20 ! I got away from coupons when thing were better for us financially .
now i am getting back into it.
It works people !! FYI at the register IGNORE The people getting pissy behind you . Cause they will. But its more important for you to save money . THEN Watch their faces when they see how much your total is AFTER those coupons they have had to wait for !!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Dr. Phil and I'm so excited to find you. But I do have a question for you. If there is a sale on something say 2 for $5 and you have a coupon for one, can you still use the coupon? Or does it depend on the store? I have a store here (Giant Eagle) that does a lot of 2/$5 or 10/$10 that sort of thing and sometimes I have coupons. Have you ever done this?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Tab, I think I understand your question. If you are buying two items in a 2 for $5 sale can you only use one coupon...yes.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about other places. But Tab , typically in my experience if you have 2 items you Can use 2 coupons , if something is 2/$5 you can use 2 coupons , I did it at CVS today . Sometimes it depends on the checker you get. And if you go alot you will know which checkers allow it and which do not . But typically i have been able to use a coupon for every item. NOW I would say the expections are like the 10$10 would you find that your experience Frugal Mom ?

Anonymous said...

Question ... Walgreens has air affects 2/$5 i have coupons for .50cents off. Also BOGO which would be the best to use ?
I could use 2 .50 cent coupons and get 2/$4 but how would the BOGO work ? I guess it depends on the price of one ?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Tab, with 10 items you can use 10 coupons, unless the coupon says $ off of a certain number. For example it could be $2 off of 2 items.

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Mindy, in this case the B1G1 is best. Do the math with the $.50 coupon you get 2/$4. With the b1g1 coupons you get 2 for $2.50! I would go with the b1g1. With b1g1s you can only use 1 coupon on two items.

Mick and Caitlin said...

You mention that you highlight your grocery list on your website in order to get it, but I must be missing it. Where is it? Do you use other websites (gg) that compile the lists for you for a fee? Thanks!

Jodi Ferris said...

I just also wanted to point out that (in the states I have lived) when something is 10/$10, you do not have to necessarily buy 10 to get the items for $1 each. A few of the offers are "when you buy," but that is different than just offering "10/$10." At least this has been my experience. Hope that helps!

mrsc74 said...

Hi, I am a stay at home mom of seven, and I already shop primarily at wal-mart. I almost always buy generic brands, and feel like I already save alot. I am wondering if coupons would really save that much more for me, and if the time would be worth it. If I shop during the day I would be bringing along 3 young children,and on the weekend it would take away from family time. However I am open to trying it, but only if the savings would be a considerable amount. What do you think?

WorkinMomma said...

I'm not sure how to START...I've read and re-read do you "let the coupons come to you" and the shopping list you refer to comes from where? I usually sit down and plan a menu for the week and shop off of that...I have no surplus or many staples on hand

Wendy said...

Hi there - I saw you on Dr. Phil and I am so excited! I downloaded some coupons and printed them - my question - do I have to print them in color - or can I print them in black and white?

Jodi Ferris said...

Wendy--About the color v. B&W, check the company policy, but they should accept both, as long as they scan, and some of them ( ones which comes from SS, I think) actually say on them that they are valid whether in Color or B&W.

Anonymous said...

Another question:
I've noticed that you can buy coupons online through sites like ebay and such. Would you recommend doing this or would you end up spending more than you actually save?

Jen said...

Another idea for coupons - eBay! I have bid on coupons on eBay and gotten a huge assortment. I paid maybe $3.50 for about 100 coupons. The people who put coupons on eBay are clear in telling you that you are paying them for their TIME to find and clip coupons, not for the coupons themselves (since you can't sell them). I bought them from a college girl who was making extra spending money by doing this on eBay. :)

Jen said...

funny - I didn't read the previous comment. :)

lizmcvey said...


lizmcvey said...

my comments are finally posting. i had a question as to why you would need to buy more than one copy of sunday papers if you cannot use the same coupon more than once? just to use on another transaction?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

lizmcvey, you can use the same coupon more than one. one coupon per item (unless the coupon is off 2) you will want copies of these coupons - trust me!