Monday, March 9, 2009

My Wal-Mart Highlights 3/8 - 3/14

Below are just a few hightlights from the week. You can check out Deal Seeking Mom for a complete list of deals Here!
Wal-Mart's Coupon Guidelines
1. On B1G1, use two coupons (you are getting two items.)
2. Always combine store and mfr coupons when you can
3. Walmart accepts the following coupons: Manufacturer coupons, Free merchandise/B1G1 coupons, Store coupons (Wal-mart only, no competitor), Pharmacy coupons, Ineternet Coupons, and soft drink container caps.
4. It is wise to print and take in the Wal-Mart coupon policy Here.
Health and Beauty
Gillette Face & Body Wash $2
$2 P&G 3/1

Gillette Shampoo for Men $2.50
$2 P&G 1/18
= $.50

One Touch Glucose Monitors $13.94
$15 SS 3/1
Pet Supplies
Purina Alpo 6pk. $3.52
$3.50 printable
Iams Kitten Food 2lb Purple Bag $4.87
$5 P&G 3/1
Baby Needs
Huggies Gentle Care Wipes Refill $6.36
$5 printable ( coupon...found on the left column of my website or icon below)
= $1.36
Grocery Items
Pillsbury Pizza Crust $1.70
$1.10 printable
= $0.60
Diet Dr. Pepper
FREE printable ( coupon...found on the left column of my website or icon below)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch $1
$.50 printable ( coupon...found on the left column of my website or icon below)
= $.50


xrayjenn said...

This will come in handy since walmart doesn't usually have coupons. We can use Walgreens/Rite Aid coupons there?!?

Ace said...

Yay for wal-mart help!

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

no competitor coupons...

brittany, steve, and gabe said...

i remember you saying that you donated the diabetes supplies that you get. where do you donate them to?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

My church has a pantry that gives to dozens of families each week.

Ekstrum Family said...

Walmart price matches competitor ads and coupons. I have done this many times and it's awesome. As long as the ad is verifiable they match it, but you must mention it before they ring it up. They do the same thing with competitor coupons, only they ring it up like a price match. Again, you have to show them before they ring it up. FOr instance, I used 6 of target's web coupons for $1 off goldfish and got each of them for $0.88. Walgreeens has great coupons sometimes but maybe you don't have a mfg Q to go with it and it isn't on sale....I can take that coupon to walmart and they will price match it. I do believe there are different rules at different walmarts but it is a nationwide standard thay they price match.

Ekstrum Family said...

Joann said...

I don't remember ever seeing "Walmart" coupons. Where do you find those at???

Ekstrum Family said...

There are no "Walmart Store" coupons. They accept competitor store coupons. I "think" that is what they mean. They price match competitor store coupons. I too have never seen a walmart store coupon. Hope that helps.

rogers13105 said...

I have found out the hard way here in tulsa oklahoma walmart wont take internet coupons at all!

Serenity Seeker said...

So you know the cashier and asst manager on duty told me that about the internet coupons and I knew it was wrong. I called the general manager and asked her if the policy changed as I did not see it posted? and she apologized told me that was incorrect would call and correct that cashier and asst manager and offered to give me the money. I was impressed with her response!

NurseLauren said...

i have a question...i went to one of my local walmart stores with coupons in hand! i was planning on getting the iams cat food to donate to a shelter and the body wash. neither item was on sale for the price on your page :( should i visit another walmart? with my coupons these items should be free. i am a newbie coupon girl, trying to get the hang of it :)

Anonymous said...

How do you know the prices on everything. I can't imagine that you would walk through the whole store with your coupon book in hand finding out what you can get for free. Obviously, that would never work. Wal-Mart does not have weekly ads in the paper by me (Germantown, WI). Once in a while they will have a flyer about a baby sale, household sale, etc... but not on a regular basis. I was also wondering about the competitor coupon thing too. Wal-Mart will accept Walgreen's coupons? I have some Target ones too. Do you think they would accept those too? I have always been a coupon cutter, sale shopper, saver, etc... Recently I have decided to look into this whole new level of this. I have to say a lot of this is really confusing, and I can't see myself having the courage to deal with difficult cashiers a lot. I have been saving more money than I used to though. I guess my parents named me Penny for a reason. All help is appreciated!!!!

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Penny, prices can vary on store location. I learned this on the Dr. Phil show when I went there and prices were different. My suggestion is going in with a plan, but be willing to be flexible. I have done research on, A Full Cup, and Hot Coupon World, as well as other blogs to get these prices. You probably don't want to know the whole process.

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Nurse Lauren,
prices can vary on store...if your store did not have the right price, all around rather than make many trips.
This saves a lot of time.

xrayjenn said...

Ah coupon ads didn't have the glucose monitor strips coupon...oh well, I was just going to donate them!

Ekstrum Family said...

I shop at the walmart in Owasso, Oklahoma....YES they do take Internet coupons as a PRICE MATCH. You must hand them to the cashier before she rings it up and they lower the price by that amount. I had a cashier today tell me I couldn't do that, she called over the manager, the manager corrected her and she gave me the appropriate discounts. After price matching with competitor coupons, that is when you want to "stack" with manufacturer coupons at the END of the purchase. So PRICE MATCH while they ring stuff up, and give MFC coupons at the end. Works every time for me. Even all the Walgreens ads and coupons---Walmart price matches them!!!! Good luck all!

Ekstrum Family said...

Remember, not all the cashiers know all this stuff. Few people work this hard at price matching and coupons so this is education for them as well. Just kindly ask that they check with their manager.

Kelli England said...

Im such a dumby!!..I went to TARGET today to look for the Gillete body wash and was furious when it wasnt on sale...LOL...Well, no wonder it wasnt on sale, I wasnt at WALMART!!!...geezzz

Serenity Seeker said...

Question does Walmart match bogo sales like from Publix?

Ekstrum Family said...


Their policy specifically says "Free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons ". What this tells me is that they match the BOGO at other stores as well as manufacturer's coupons. Click on frugalcouponmom's link for the walmart policies and keep it with you.

Pixiedustbelly said...

I went to Walmart today with coupons in hand and was also disappointed that the prices were almost $1 higher on most items. That made the deals not worth it. Must be a regional thing.

I also want to mention that the glucose meter was not a money maker for me. The cashier had to put in the exact amount of the meter, so it was free but not a money maker.

Lastly, please remember that you pay TAX on FREE items! I got the monitor to donate but it still cost me $.97 in tax. You pay tax on the total value of the items BEFORe coupons are deducted (at least in Ohio).

Happy couponing!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let everyone know...I went to the wal-mart site to look up their price matching and

***We do not honor "Buy One / Get One Free" advertisements.***

Anonymous said...

they do accept the BOGO coupons, but not advetised BOGO at another store

clipper from Illinois said...

Where do you find the Gillette coupons? I can't find a website with them on it.

Jennifer said...

I'm confused... I went to Walmart (PA) today and none of the deals you have listed were happening at my store. I looked for Huggies, Betty Crocker cookie mix, and Gilette body wash and non of them were on sale this week. Can you help?????

texas mom said...

I went to walmart to buy the gillette body wash and shampoo and the purina dog food. All of the gillette products were $3.50, which after the coupon would make them cost $1.50 each. Also the cheapest Purina they had was $4.78. Where did you see that the prices were different than what I found in the store? Were these prices in an ad?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Wal-mart sales do vary by region. I contacted Wal-mart corporate office to see what we can do to get a list of NATIONAL (though I am not sure this exists) sale items each week. I will let you know what I hear.

Amanda said...

My local walmart also refused to take the internet coupons.I plan to print out their policy and take it with me next time I go. I will also try to give them the coupons ahead of time and see if they will price match that way.

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