Sunday, March 8, 2009


Once you begin "couponing" you will begin to notice you end up with a lot of extra toiletry items. Some of these extra toiletry items I find I have extra of include soap, razors, shampoo/conditioner, etc. I love these little extras because they are perfect for guests. When I have a guest coming to stay at our house I neatly place their towels as well as some "extra"toiletry items on the bed. I think this always makes someone feel a little extra special and of course is no extra trouble to me.
Another great hospitable treat I give are cards (most of the time, they are FREE personalized cards from stationary/photo companies.) This always makes for nice holiday (not just Christmas), thank you, and how are you doing notes. I don't feel bad spending some money on postage because it is always worth the smile they will have opening the card.
Couponing not only gives back to your family, but most importantly to the community and your family and friends...well worth all the time it took!


kcmpb5 said...

You are beautiful inside and out. I am so blessed to be able to benefit from your ministry and I have forwarded your info to all my GIRLS! Can't wait to save some more (saved $131 in my FIRST week and spend 74% of what I usually do and got more)! I know it will get better and better!

Jennifer said...

I love your site. I just watched you on Dr. Phil!! I really need to get in gear and start clipping coupons. I just have trouble with forgetting them at home when I go to the store!