Friday, March 13, 2009

Have You Heard of Swagbucks?

Have you heard of Swag Bucks...the name says it all. You search to earn bucks to exchange of swag (goodies.) Swag Bucks is much like yahoo or google when you are searching for a website. Instead of using these search engines, I use swagbucks to generate money.
You can sign up for Swag Bucks by clicking the icon below.
Have fun earning money while searching the net!


kcmpb5 said...

Do you know what the swag code is?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

kcmpb5 you can enter "codes" to get extra bucks. there are not codes that are active at the moment, though. i will post them as they come.

Blogger said...

Just received a check for $500.

Many times people don't believe me when I tell them about how much money you can earn filling out paid surveys at home...

So I took a video of myself getting paid over $500 for taking paid surveys to set the record straight.