Monday, March 9, 2009

$5 Huggies Coupon - a MONEYMAKER!

Okay, so you don't have a baby, what could you do with this Huggies coupon? 1) Give it to your neighbor (who has a baby) and tell them about the great deal at Walgreens 2) make it into a MONEYMAKER and then donate the baby item (that's right, I did it today.)
How can the Huggies $5 coupon turn into a MONEYMAKER?
I used the $5 coupon on a container of $2.39 Gentle Care Wipes and made $2.61 off another item. The coupon scanned, no trouble at all. You do need to get another item with this deal, because the cashier is not going to hand you back $2.61.
Enjoy making money!
Okay so you still have not printed this coupon?...print it below! This is an example of a time you donate to those in need while making a little money of an item for yourself.


cherokeechic22 said...

they changed the wording on the coupon. the first time i printed it said on any gentle care product and now after they reset them they say on any gentle care diapers product. the first time i was able to get wipes with the coupons now that they say diapers product can i only get diapers?

Emily said...

Thank you! I am going through so many wipes with my son.

rdavidson said...

Just a quick question... i have 3 coupons for the wipes. Can I use all three coupons at the same time and earn the $7.83 towards other items or will it just work for one? Thanks

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

rdavison...yes, but have really does depend on your cashier.

Anonymous said...

I tried to do this yesterday and it didn't work. The cashier and the manager both told me I could only use the coupon for a Huggies item that was $5 or more. So...I got a 3 pk of Huggies wipes on sale for $6 and used my $5 coupon and got them for a buck! Pretty cool~

Pixiedustbelly said...

I tried this yesterday on the wipes. The coupon wouldn't take, and then I was told it could only be used on diapers. Too bad because I use the wipes for my dogs but have no use for diapers. It was worth a try anyway!

Family of Faith said...

I used the coupon on wipes at Walmart and it worked fine! :-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This was great! My first success at all this RR and free stuff!!
Garnier Fructis shampoo - 2.99-2.00(ivc)-1.00q = FREE
Garnier Fructis conditioner 2.99-2.00(ivc)-1.00q = FREE
Colgate Advanced toothpaste - 3.49-2.50(ivc)-1.50 = .51 MONEYMAKER
Huggies diapers (towards RR) $10-3.00q = 7.00
Huggies diapers (towards RR) $10-3.00q = 7.00
Huggies wipes 2.79 - 5.00q = 2.21 MONEYMAKER
Huggies wipes 2.79-5.00q = 2.21 MONEYMAKER
Huggies big wipes (towards RR) 6.00-4.93 (overages from other q's) = 1.07

Total - 43.92 w/tax
Total coupons = 26.00
My total - 17.92!! plus 10.00RR