Thursday, February 12, 2009


What started out as a website for friends and family has been growing fast. Recently I was featured in two media sources.

1) US News and World Report. Read that article Here. Thank you, Kimberly Palmer.

2) Local Televison Station WCTV. See that video or read that article Here. Thank you, Liza Park.


Natalie said...

Any ideas how to capitalize on deals without food products that contain MSG or high Fructose corn syrup?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Natalie, good question. There answer is, yes, those deals are available, but they do not come very often. I would keep looking at the sales in your weekly fliers and identify the healthy alternatives that are right for your family. When you find what your family needs, read the blogs to see if those sales have coupons that match. If they do, great, if not then at least you have a sale. Also, when you see a coupon for one of those type of items, put it in a special spot so you know where the coupons are that are most "special" to your family.