Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Publix List 2/26 - 3/4

1. Publix Takes Competitors Coupons.
2. On B1G1, use two coupons (you are getting two items.)
3. You do not have to buy 2 of the B1G1 items to get the sale price (In FL you do have to buy both items!) Please note, my calculations are for stores that DO NOT double coupons buying two items.
4. Always combine store and mfr coupons when you can (even a store coupon from a competitor store.)
5. Many Publix locations double manufacturer coupons that are $.50 or less (Tallahassee and most FL locations do not!)

Please note, my calculations are for stores that DO NOT double coupons.

*Sadly, I do not see any competitor $/$$ coupons you can use. If you know of any, please comment below.
*Don't forget to slide your UPromise Card for long term savings.

See Southern Savers Publix Advantage Buy Deals Here. Ends 3/6

Nestle Good Start Formula $3 off with Weekly Flier Coupon
$3 Food Lion printable (Thanks, Southern Savers)
$5 printable – I did have trouble printing this on my computer
= $8 - $11 off original price (depends of if your store takes competitor and store coupon)

Red Seedless Grapes $.99 lb

Bell Peppers $1.99 lb

Cantaloupe $2

Tropicana OJ 2/$6
$1/2 RP 1/4
$1 printable (Target)
= $1.50 each

B1G1 Publix Microwave Popcorn $3.79

B1G1 Doritos $3.99

B1G1 Planters Peanuts $2.99
$1/2 store tear pads
= $1 a can

Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread $2
$.55 Publix Yellow advantage flier
$1 SS 12/07
= $.45 (combine coupons)

B1G1 Thomas Bagels $3.99

Renuzit Tri Scents Starter Kit $5.99
$4 RP 2/22
$1 printable (Target)
Buy Kit get refill FREE coupn Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer
= $.99 for kit and refill!

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner 40 oz $3.19
$.50 SS 1/25

$.50 SS 1/4
$1/2 SS 1/25

$1/2 SS 1/4
= $1.10 each

B1G1 Yoplait Yogurt 6 pk $2.87
$.35 SS 1/04
$.75/2 SS 2/08
$1/2 SS 2/08
$1.50 printable
= $1.09 each - $.13 MONEYMAKER on each

B1G1 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $2.99
$.40 RP 1/18
$.60/2 RP 1/18
$1/2 RP 1/18

= $1 - $1.20 each

Kraft Cheese 3/$5
$.75 peelies
= $.92 each

Publix Large Eggs - 1 dozen $1.39

Publix Milk 1 gallon around $3

Bird's Eye Voila Meals $5.15
$1 printable
= $1.58 a bag

B1G1 Green Giant Frozen Veggies 14 to 24 oz $3.49 (this item is included on the $5/20 Publix Italian sale store coupon)
$1 Pillsbury coupon booklet
$1 SS 1/04
$.40 SS 01/04

$.50/2 SS 1/04
= $.75 - $1.50

B1G1 Gorton's Shrimp or Fish $7.73
$1 All You Magazine
$.60 All Well & Good Publix booklet/flier

$.40 SS 3/1
$1 SS 12/7
= $2.87 - $3.62

B1G1 Dove Ice Cream $3.29
$2 inside package

Publix Premium Ice Cream - half gallon $3

B1G1 Kellogg's Pop Tarts $2.45
$1/2 RP 1/18
$1/2 RP 2/22

$1/2 printable (Target)
$.55 printable
= $.18 - $.23 (use a Target and MFR coupon)

B1G1 Kellogg's Cereal $4.29 (Smart Start, Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran Crunch, Corn Flakes)
$.70 RP 2/22
$1.50/2 RP 1/18
= $1.40 - $1.45 a box

B1G1 Quaker Cereal $4.63 (Captain Crunch, Life, Squares)
$.50 CapCru RP 1/4
$1/2 Life RP 1/4
$1/1 Life
= $1.32 - $1.82 each

B1G1 Lipton Tea Bags $3.91
$.60 RP 1/18
$1/2 RP 1/18
$.75/2 RP 1/18

= $1.36 - $1.58 each

B1G1 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $2.63
$.50 SS 2/08
$.50/2 printable
= $.82 - $1.07each

B1G1 Mueller's Pasta $1.39
$.55/2 SS 1/4
=$.42 each

B1G1 Classico Pasta Sauce $2.67
$1/2 printable
= $.82 a jar

B1G1 Pam Cooking Spray $3.49
$.35 SS 1/18
$1/2 SS 1/18
= $1.25 - $1.40 each

Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe $2.67
$1/2 printable
= $.82 a box

B1G1 Kellogg's Special K Snack Crackers, Keebler Right Bite Cookies/Sunshine Cheez-It Right Bites, or Kashi TLC Crackers $3.19
$1/2 tearpad
$1 Kashi printable (Target)
$1 Special K printable
= $.60 - $1.10 a box

Progresso Soup $1.25
$1.10 printable
= $.15 each

B1G1 Hershey's Bliss $4.49
$1 SS 11/9
$1 SS 3/1

$1 SS 1/25
= $1.25 each

B1G1 Keebler Town House or Club Crackers $4.09
$1/2 tearpad
= $1.55 each

B1G1 Near East Rice Products $2.19

B1G1 Hormel Canned Chicken $3.39

V8 V Fusion Juice $3
$1 printable
$.50 printable (Target)
= $1.50

B1G1 Del Monte Tomatoes $1.53
$1/12 RP 2/8
$.40 RP 2/8
$1/2 RP 2/8
printable (sign up!)
= $.02 - $.93 each

B1G1 Giant Canned Veggies $1.33

Ground Chuck $1.99 lb

Buy 1 lb Boars Head Meat/Cheese get 1/4 lb Asiago Cheese FREE with Publix Weekly Flier Coupon

Bakery French Bread $1.29


marie said...

Ashley, will that betty crocker printable coupon work, if the coupon is for a "warm delights bowl" but the BOGO deal is for a brownie mix? I checked some other blogs and they linked to this it must work? - marie

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

I am not sure Marie. Does the fine print allow it? It can not hurt to try. Go ahead and print it.

Leah F. Cassorla said...

Hey! Saw you on Dr. Phil!

I live in Tallahassee, FL and my publix gives the half price on single b1g1 this rule may have changed.

Lisa said...

I saw you on Dr. Phil today and had to check out your site. I can't believe how much money you can save if you just take the time. I never realized you could use two different coupons on the same item... is it really true?

Nancy said...

You have access to coupons we do not in the Seattle area - we do get coupons in the paper, but our stores have nothing like you have in your area.

I buy mostly fresh produce and canned beans, frozen chicken tenders to make our meals. Nanch

crenee55 said...

Where is the grocery list located at on your website? Thanks.

Misty said...

I am amazed! I saw you yesterday on Dr. Phil and you have convinced me to try this. I am a stay at home mom and I have the time to do this! I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Two questions, what is Publix? And how did you find all these coupons? I keep searching but haven't found near as many as you!

pati said...
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pati said...

Hi Ashley: I saw you on Dr. Phil and boy am I glad I watched the show. I have been a little overwhelmed by everything on your site but it certainly is worth taking time to navigate! A couple of questions:

1. some of the coupons (Target v-8 juice and the poptarts coupon) is not on the site - I think I may be doing something wrong but do not have a clue - PLEASE HELP!

2. Since I live in NE Ohio and do not have Publix or Kroger, do you know of anyone who coupons for Giant Eagle or Acme?

Thank you for your ministry! It is awesome and the answer to prayer. In our economy every bit helps. I printed the Ensure coupon and rebate form and am excited to begin the process. My 14 year old is getting involved by helping me set up my accordian file tonight with her label maker! I work full time and am a grad student but am determined to make time to get this right. I feel as though God poured money into my hands!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering where I could find a copy of your shopping list?

Jen said...

I have a question about your calculations:

B1G1 Keebler Town House or Club Crackers $4.09
$1/2 tearpad
= $1.55 each

So, in order to get that final price, you use the coupon for $1 off of 2, even though you are technically only paying for one and getting the other one free. You are walking away with only 2 boxes of crackers, correct?

If I understand the way you did it, it won't work where I shop - Meijer in Lansing, Michigan. I have tried that before, and you actually have to make 2 PURCHASES, (and walk away with a total of 4 items), in order to use the $1 off 2 coupon.

Maybe you or another reader know if other stores in my area would do it the way yours does.

Jen Y.

Jen said...

I know this is a goofy question, but do you carry around a little pair of scissors to snip out the coupons you will be using, or are you just really good at tearing them out?

Jen Y.

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Leah, Yes, at my store you can only purchase one, but get 2 (it is b1g1) and use a $1/2 coupon.

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Jen i keep a pair of kid size scissors in my "coupon bag"