Friday, December 19, 2008

Walgreens Made Me Cry

I guess when you shop at your favorite corner store, Walgreens, twice a week you are bound to grow close to their employees. Today I found out my favorite manager was no longer working there. His employee informed me there wasn't a dry eye in the store when he had to leave. (My eyes weren't dry when she was telling me this.) This kind and gentle man LOVED my daughter and always asked about me and my family (and visa versa.) I learned about the birth of his newborn granddaughter and could even recite to you his plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What I appreciated most about this man was that I didn't feel like a criminal every time I came in his store. He welcomed me, my daughter, and my coupons. I will miss you, Mr. C.

PS Mr. C, I spent $37 today after my coupons (my blog readers, don't worry, I haven't gone insane, I am getting back $30 in rebates.)

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Julie Wolfe said...

What happened? Did you get the scoop?