Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stamps.com - Why I Love It!

I love to send people small notes for birthdays, thanks yous, and most recently baby announcements and Christmas cards. Call me old fashion, but to me there is something more special in a note that comes from your mail box than a note that comes from your email. I frequently make trips to the Post Office to retrieve my stamps. This is one reason I am excited to share with you Stamps.com.

First, I want you to know that I will make not money telling you about his offer. I will receive no points, gimmicks, extras postage or anything...I just really hope you are confident enough to take on this offer. You can do it...it REALLY is easy. If you are apprehensive, know that you may email/call me every step of the way and I will answer any questions you have.

Okay, first visit Stamps.com. Notice on the right side of their homepage, they have a Special Offer ($80) value. During your first 4 week trial you will get a scale, $5 in postage and a $5 supply kit. (Yes, the offer reads $25 in postage. The other $20 is $10 for each additional month that you pay - more on that later.)

So, sign up for this. It is free. Make sure to mark in at least two places when you need to cancel your membership. You can mark the calender in your cell phone to send you a reminder, your wall calender or your day planner. If I sign up December 14, I need to cancel by January 13. (I always cancel a few days ahead like Janurary 10th.)
You are going to download the software, get your free scale (use the promo code COUPONWINNER or SHOPPINGBARGAINS for free shipping on your scale.) Wait for your stamp package to arrive in the mail around a week after you order. Use your package to print $5 in free stamps. That easy, no cost to you.

I did all of the above steps without a hitch. I have a nice scale to weigh my packages/mail and $5 in free stamps. I called to cancel my trial, 4 days before it ended. I told them that the Post Office was arround the corner and I wasn't utilizing Stamps.com enough to pay the monthly fee. They told me they wanted me to stay on board and said they would give me another 4 week trial period and my next $10 in stamps. No complaints here.

I plan to call in January to cancel my trial period again. Perhaps they will extend it, perhaps not. Regardless, at this point, I have received $15 in free postage and a scale for weighing my mail/packages. I really encourage you to take advantage of the offer Stamps.com is giving.
It appears the above FREE shipping codes have expired...try cutekid12 for FREE shipping.


HollyAnn said...

Did you have trouble canceling? I did this a year ago and was unhappy with it. They never sent me my scale, or my postage printing information so I never got to try it during the trial. Then when I tried to cancel it when my 4 weeks was up, they had already charged me for the upcoming month, and the month before (since i hadn't cancelled in time according to them). I would be interested in trying it again, but since it was such a nightmare to cancel last year (the man I spoke with did not speak english very well and was so hard to understand) I'm leary of it. So, just wondered if your's turned out.

Kelly Cook, owner/photographer said...

I've entered both codes for the scale and it still shows shipping totals. Are they not valid anymore?

Frugal Coupon Mom - frugalcouponmom@gmail.com said...

Holly Ann,
I got the stamps, scale, and kit all for FREE. I never paid a dime for anything. I cancelled and they offered to extend my trial for a month. At this point I asked them when I would need to cancel again and they gave me the date. I cancled a few days before that date came up on my calendar. I am sorry you had such poor luck with them.

Frugal Coupon Mom - frugalcouponmom@gmail.com said...

Kelly, offers and promos are always coming and expiring. It is definately possible this expired as it was posted almost 3 months ago. I would search the web for promos and see how that works for you. That is often how I get my codes. I too will look into updated codes.

Secondhandrose said...

Isn't that sort of immoral? Signing up to get the freebies with no intention of using their product? I don't think I could do it.

Stacy said...

It's honestly very tiring when people condemn promotions as immoral. How is it immoral to try a promotion that the company is knowingly offering? First, you have to realize that the items they are offering did not cost them what they charging you. Second, everyone gets the promo because they like the sound of "free". Third, some will decide they like the service enough to pay for it. THOSE people make the company money, and the company is happy you to get you on board, in any way that they can.

No one signs up because they don't like the sound of "free". No one that doesn't like it will keep it. The company knows that. Why over think it? Are you trying to make them go bankrupt? NO! Are you interested in their offer? Yes? Then go for it! Don't feel guilty for expecting gifts. And who knows? Maybe you will like it so much that you keep it, and pay for it. *shrugs*

Stacy said...

Err... accepting gifts! Not expecting. ;)

CO Mom said...

I have to say that this type of promotion isn't for me either. Yes, it's the company's gimmick to bring in customers; however, signing up with no intention of using their product/service beyond the introductory free offer doesn't sit right with me. You may not be trying to "make them go bankrupt", but you're certainly not helping their company. If you're legitimately interested in using their product beyond the introductory period, go for it! I am not a supporter of deceiving a company into believing I'm legitimately interested in their goods/services and then cancelling just before the deadline, but that is just me.

Love this site though - am excited to coupon!

Jodi said...

Ha! It is so funny to me when people say something like this is "immoral." I guessing you would also condemn people for bringing candy into the movie theater?

I'm sorry, but people who cannot pay for something otherwise still deserve to live the same quality of life as others. If they want to cancel a free trial membership, that does not mean they are stealing, or doing anything morally wrong.

I can see an argument for buying a "money back guarantee" with full intention of requesting a refund being "wrong," but on the other hand less than 5% of all rebates (conditional or not) are not mailed in. Companies make huge profits from them.

Les, Kerri, Tyler & Lucas said...

The coupon codes listed here for free shipping have since expired. However, you can now use code "cutekid12" to get the same "free shipping" deal!

Thanks for all of the great freebie ideas!