Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Publix Policy

I am copying and pasting Jenny's Post at Southern Savers. Jenny is great frugal coupon mom that is so full of knowledge. She is a great resource. I thought it might help some of us out when trying to understand the Publix grocery shopping challenge.

She writes:

"I have seen over the recent weeks a lot of questions and issues with coupons at Publix so this is an attempt to answer questions and to help resolve issues. I have also been reminded recently of some policy differences by store.

Publix policies for Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee:
1) They double coupons that are .50¢ or less. Doubling only applies to manufacturer’s coupons, not store or competitor coupons. Publix does not limit the number of like/same coupons that you can double.
2) Publix accepts printable coupons. Publix does not accept printable coupons for a free item if the value is over $5.
3) You may use one Publix store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item, unless either coupon explicitly prohibits it.
4) They do not accept any expired coupons.
5) You may use 2 coupons for B1G1 sale items if you buy 2 items. You may also use a store and manufacturer coupon for each item as well.
6) With B1G1 sale items you do not have to purchase 2 items, each will ring up as half price.
7) Publix does not have a specific policy limiting coupons. The register is programmed to require a manager’s approval when the coupons total over $50. The register is also programmed to accept no more coupons (store and manufacturer together) than items. If you are using a store and a manufacturer coupon for every item in your cart, you will need manager intervention.
8) Competitor coupons: (This is the big issue)The official policy states that stores can accept competitor coupons, but leaves it up to the individual store managers to decide the specifics i.e. what stores, and usage guidelines. In general competitor’s coupons are treated like store coupons. They will not double and can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer’s coupon, but not in conjunction with a store coupon. (Some stores will accept a competitor and a store coupon for the same item, as well as a manufacturer coupon. Some stores will only take coupons from other grocery stores while others (fewer) will also accept drug store coupons. Check with your store customer service or manager for the actual store policy on competitor coupons.)

Publix policies for Florida:
Florida gets the bad deal with Publix and coupons. Most of the above does apply in Florida so I am posting the differences only
1) They do not double any coupons
2) Many stores will not let you use coupons for both items that are B1G1. You can still use one store and one manufacturer, but not 2 of both. – This is actually against corporate policy if you would like to call and complain about your store and try to fight it then go for it!
3) To get the sale price on B1G1 items you must buy 2 items, one is full price and the second is free.

One more thing:
Keep in mind as you use competitor coupons that this is Publix just taking money off your bill. They will not get this money back. Please do not abuse this policy!! In terms of Food Lion coupons they state Limit 1, please do not take in (5) $5 off $30 coupons and do multiple transactions or take in numerous coupons for the same item.

(This information was compiled using emails from Publix corporate and a synopsis of the policy on Hot Coupon World)"

I write:
I appreciate what she says about not abusing the system. They can pull the coupon policy that they have set up at anytime, espeically if they keep loosing money. I agree they are probably making A LOT more money than loosing, but we don't want them to tighten their policy because it would hurt our personal finances as well.

My girlfriend Danielle mentioned thanking the manager/store and recognizing the employees who went out of their way to be nice (or just did a good job doing their job) is always a bonus. We want Publix to know we appreciate their policy and we appreicate their customer service.

Thanks. I will step down from my soapbox now.

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