Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Newspaper

As you know the newspaper is a necessity in couponing. Since you coupon to be frugal you might as well get a frugal subscription to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Melinda Hugger is a independent contractor with the Tallahassee Democrat. I met Melinda through the Best Beginnings Yahoo Group. If you need a great deal on home delivery suscriptions to the Democrat, she can get it for you. Her current deals are as follows.

Daily suscription only $8/month + $20 Publix or Walmart gift card
Weekend Fri-Sun for only $6/month + $10 Publix or Walmart gift card

If you are a current suscriber she maybe be able to help you save 50% on your current rate and get you the gift card.

The Sunday paper is a necessity but many would agree that the Wednesday and Thursday papers are also just as great as they have good competitor and Publix coupons. Remember Publix takes competitors coupons!

Feel free to contact Melinda to get you a deal today 850-599-2348

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