Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meet Woot!

I have stumbled upon the barginest/funniest/craziest site. Meet my newest website Woot! (No, I am not a writer for Woot, I just think the site has great deals and is hilarious at the same time.) Woot is a website that sells ONLY one item a day. the selling starts at 12:00 am each day and ends exactly at 11:59 pm. If you missed that days item, you can not go back. Also, once you buy an item from Woot, it is returns, no customer service calls, the item belongs to you. Yeseterday, they had a $1,300 computer (Walmart price) for $649.

What is best about Woot, besides their amazing price on "one day, one deal" item deals (they are able to keep their items low due to it being an employee store/market) , is their personality. These guys must have a blast!

This is how they describe today's item, the Excalibur Remote Control Skycrawler Helicopter for $19.99.

"When that Colombian druglord held three squirrels hostage behind your tool shed, who did you call?


When those vicious terrorists tried to blow up your marigolds, who came to the rescue?


When you discovered that human trafficking ring operating underneath your birdbath, who busted it up?


I honestly check out this website everyday, mostly for the humor, but also to see what bargain they have today. Once I find what I want, I will have to write another post about their shipping and customer service (remember, you don't phone this place, you don't return items, you buy and then keep or sell it on eBay-their items would definitely generate revenue.) I can say that their buyers are happy.

They even have their own article on Wikipedia. Enjoy your Woot!

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