Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am a Snob About Vacuum Cleaners

Nothing says snob about vacuum cleaners more than being the owner of a Dyson Vacuum. I am in love with my Dyson Vacuum. However, the other week I wrote about this vacuum cleaner (The Gazelle 2 in 1 p34 rebate number 42) and it REALLY is amazing. Best of all, currently is only $20 (after rebate.) I vacuumed my house today with my Dyson and I used this little guy to go back and get the small corners (my bathroom and kitchen) that my big vacuum missed. The Gazelle even pivots as well as the Dyson. I am copy and pasting the previous blog about this vacuum, because it truly is amazing. (I do admit, however, the Gazelle is not for large jobs.)

Amazing Vacuum Deal at Walgreens
Walgreens has their Gazelle 2 in 1 Vacuum on sale for $39.99. This vacuum retails for $79.99. Using ESR #42, you get back $20 for purchasing this item. Thus you are really only spending $19.99 for an $80 vacuum. Not bad!

* Local readers, this vacuum is found on the top self if the electronics/home goods aisle.

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