Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do You Have a W Card?

Do you have a W card? If you have transferred a perscription to Walgreens before you likely do-especially if you are utilizing their $4 perscription plan.

The Wcard is a reward card. It does not work like a credit card so you don't have to worry about charges or payments. Using the Wcard, you get back 10% on Walgreens brand purchases. This, again, can help to be a money maker for your transactions at Walgreens. Everything from Walgreens brand diapers to medicine is included in this 10% money back reward when you use your Wcard.

Using the Wcard is very simple. The cashier scans your items. Before you pay, you slide your Wcard in the Pin Pad Device (where you would slide your credit/gift/debit card.) The Wcard then takes off 10% of your Walgreens purchases. If you forget to slide your Wcard (before your payment) then you can go online to and add your receipt from your purchase at a later time (it must be more than 48 hours after your purchase.) You will get credit for the previous transaction the next time you use your Wcard.

Another tactic for the Wcard includes the following. If I know I am going to make a $30 purchase at Walgreens, I would go in the store and buy a $30 gift card. Before I purchase that $30 gift card (by giving the cashier my cash, credit card or debit card), I make sure to slide my Wcard. This rewards me 10% or $3. I made money! I will get a $30 gift card for $27!

If you have a perscription at Waglreens, utilize your Wcard. If you don't have a perscription, ask the pharmacy and they can likly set you up with the card. It should cost $20 up front, though.

Read about the Wcard Here at Walgreens offical website.

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